You thought I couldn’t do this without you, but guess what, I sleep great at night now. I don’t hurt because you’re not here. I just had to learn to accept it and move on, and I did. But you, you’re the one who keeps crawling back. So next time you think “Oh hey, she’s happy, got to mess that up,” it’s not going to happen, because this time, you’re not going to get what you want. This time, I’m going to get what I want and what I want, is not you.


Inspirational Quotes #NewPost [9]


Inspirational Quotes #NewPost [9]

Whoa! tht was cold&#8230;

Whoa! tht was cold…

&lt;/3 trueee&#8230;

</3 trueee…

perfection &lt;3

perfection <3